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blank concept art

Our concept artist, Dave Reyes, inspires the whole team with his artistry . . .

UnDO Cinematic Storyboard

Cinematic Storyboard: This storyboard packs in so many ideas - drawing his ideas from the existing game play and assets, in order to create first pass thumbnails for a cinematic sequence, Dave can't help but push the envelope here by weaving in ideas that inspire the team to dream larger. Witness the Transamerica Pyramid in the last panel, and a host of other cool ideas. Alpha testers will be able to play "spot the feature" with this storyboard!


Human Character Concepts

Human Character Concepts. Some of the early human character designs. Each type of human has customized stats, and after transitioning from live to undead, the new zombie unit's stats will partially reflect the stats for the original human unit. Adjusted, of course, to account for the fact that the unit has now become a shambling meatsack, and is correspondingly invulnerable to pain and morale failure, and significantly less vulnerable to most forms of physical damage.


Early Zombie Boss Concepts

Early Zombie Boss Concepts: These concepts were among the ideas that did not quite take root, a good example of how a game's design will evolve over the course of a development cycle. There are cool ideas here, too . . . the multi-limbed Speed Zombie with the giant brain sack is super creepy, and the biomech arm on the Tank Zombie is an interesting twist.

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