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  • The worlds tastiest zombie dominion RTS.
  • Zombie munching on doctor.
  • Zombies swamp SWAT team.
  • Aerial shot military strong point about to be overrun.
  • Low aerial shot of bloody melee.
  • Close up of newly formed soldier zombie with horde.
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Now available for early access on Steam! Check it out!


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blank brains are attractive

You are the horde!

Raw, aggressive hunger - there's nothing like being a Zombie when you want to do some damage! Now you can control your own horde of zombies and lay waste to the tidy world that humans have created for themselves. Feast on their brains, grow, mutate, and gain incredible powers. Take over a small town (deputies are tasty!). Overwhelm the arriving SWAT units. Reduce a mighty city to rubble and feast on the remains of generals as their weapons lie smoldering.

Mayhem has never tasted so good.

JumpCore is excited to announce Undead Overlord, the world's tastiest Zombie Dominion RTS. Coming soon on both tablet and desktop platforms. Zoom into a world where destruction is the goal. Mindless zombies? Not when you are the controlling Mind!

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blank to take over the world?

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