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Undead Overlord is an all-out mayhem Zombie Dominion RTS game where the goal is to create as much chaos as possible while wiping out the humans!

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Undead Overlord is born of a passion to see something different exhumed from the zombie games space. So in the tradition of games like Dungeon Keeper, we've turned the genre on its head, and put the player in charge of the zombie horde.

As an Undead Overlord, the world is yours to conquer and remake in your own grotesque image.

  • Make your horde deadly enough to overwhelm modern armaments.
  • Mutate deadly Boss Zombies to provide strategic advantages to your horde.
  • Gain powerful special abilities that maximize the mayhem.
  • Create the most chaos possible in your quest to undermine the very basis of reality!

Bringing many of the classic RTS controls and strategies into the mix, Undead Overlord’s design includes a custom touch screen interface for tablet players. Inspiration from the huge body of work in the fertile zombie genre led to one of the distinguishing aspects of the game’s design:

Your enemy is your resource.

That means that each time a human unit is killed and makes the transition to being undead, the player assumes control of that unit. It means that the tide of battle can shift quickly when a soldier's wingman not only goes out of action, but is suddenly working for the other side. That's a crushing blow to morale, and one that could send that soldier fleeing in panic, or even leave him cowering in abject fear - making him easy, tender, juicy pickings.


Boss Zombies

Name: Tank Zombie

Height: 9 feet

Weight: 1600+ lbs

Attacks: Swat, Pummel, Crush

With fists like wrecking balls, a single blow from your Tank Zombie is usually enough to crush even the most hardened human opponent like a bug. Seldom does a meat sack get close enough for a good look and still live to tell the tale. Just the way we like it!

Special Ability: Stomp (Area of Effect)

Hoisting his prodigious mass into the air, then slamming it back into the ground with astounding force, the Tank creates a crushing wall of raw power that inflicts damage on everything in the immediate area. Smaller units (like humans) could be temporarily stunned from the impact, or even be sent flying backwards. Use carefully when engaged in melee. Best used when surrounded by tightly packed meat sack forces.

Tank Zombie designs


The Tank Zombie mutation requires a large amount of grunt zombie raw material to initiate, and should not be undertaken lightly. Able to absorb enormous amounts of damage, the Tank is almost impossible for attacking meat sacks to bring down without serious firepower. The trade off is that the Tank moves slowly - because it just ain’t easy to move that much mass around in this awkward physical universe. Use your Tank Zombie units effectively, and they will surely feature prominently in the nightmares of meat sacks everywhere! Dominion will be ours!


Name: Speed Zombie

Height: 7 ft, 6 in

Weight: 350+ lbs

Attacks: Slash, Double Trouble, Disemboweler

Cut you once, cut you twice, or slash you up the middle - the Speed Zombie is ready to slice and dice.

Special Ability: ???

The Speed Zombie has an uncanny ability to disappear. Is that a boost of ridiculous speed, or could it be true teleportation? Some kind of crazy camouflage, maybe? As the tenets of reality dissolve, and the borders between Earth Conception and Dimension Z begin to unravel, any of these might become possible . . .

Speed Zombie designs


Not only do they move fast, but Speed Zombies are also the fastest mutation to become available, requiring only a pair of grunts to form a complete union. Lean and predatory, this mutation rarely stands tall, but prefers to squat and pounce, only gaining extension as it lunges along the ground on all fours, digging extra purchase out of the hardened ground with its massive claws. A pod of Speed Zombies can make short work of a whole crowd of meat sacks - just the way it should be! Dominion will be ours!


Name: Brain Zombie

Height: 15 ft (eye level at average float height)

Weight: 700+ lbs

Attacks: Brain Blast, ???

Preferring to lead from behind, the Brain Zombie can strike at a distance by channeling interdimensional chaos energy through its one giant eyeball - enveloping any living object in a cocoon of searing, debilitating agony. And those spikes looks nasty, too - are they just for show, or are they fast enough and powerful enough to be capable of impaling even armored opponents?

Special Ability: Mind Control

The pinnacle of undead special abilities, Mind Control allows the Brain Zombie to take direct control of a live human target for a limited amount of time. Control is achieved through the victim’s subconscious mind, providing access to basic weapon controls and simple speech abilities. Other meat sacks will remain blissfully unaware, giving you the opportunity to sneak past enemy lines or make use of some of that delightful human weaponry. But the best part? Mind Control leaves the victim’s conscious mind fully aware of the atrocities they commit against their fellow humans. Having been under the control of a Brain Zombie can have lasting effects on a human’s state of mind, even if they survive the ordeal and are not put down like rabid dogs by their fellow meatsacks. The experience is generally devastating to morale, and can sometimes leave even squad leaders reduced to the functional level of newbie recruits, unable to provide any morale boost to their squad mates.

Brain Zombie designs


Brain Zombies clearly exist in direct defiance of the natural laws of the meatsack reality, and as such represent the furthest incursion to date of Dimension Z into the Earth Conception. As such, they are to be treated with great care, protected as the treasures they are - and are only available to the most experienced of overlords. Massing significantly more than the measly five grunt zombies required for the mutation, a Brain Zombie mutation requires large amounts of collected Chaos energy to initiate, and actually creates a semi-permanent and mobile connection directly through to the home dimension. Use this power effectively, and dominion will be ours!

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